Stay Happy // Stay Humble // Stay Hydrated

Stay Happy Collective (SHC) was founded in 2009 by Julia Shure, Josephine Jardine, Anna Sparks, ,Leo Shallat, Jourdan Hinkle, Cooper Eaton, Michael Stephen-McRae, Vladimir Kovalik and Simon Wolf. SHC is a family that strives to foster a sustainable, loving support network for our members and to use our skills to provide creative spaces to ourselves and community.  

Our Mission:

  • To curate events that are accessible and safe for all people.

  • To provide exhibition space for local artists passionate about their work and process.

  • To connect those we work with to a larger fan base by curating events that foster new networking opportunities for artists, as well as fans.

  • To provide a living wage for those working to curate, organize and promote SHC events.

  • To pay musicians and provide a vehicle for visual artists to make sales.

  • To support our communities with our skills, privileges and resources.  

We started this to put a name to our group of friends that shared meals, inspirations and time together. As each of us grow into individual creative and career paths, Stay Happy Collective has evolved from a friend group to a business that supports each member in their individual goals while moving our collective vision forward. We are a production company, an art gallery, a stage. We are a movement to make the world a better place using art and music to bring people together. 

“Stay Happy Collective’s goal, at purest heart, is to build community and provide a platform for artists, especially to those who are interested in art but don’t have access to opportunities in the the fine arts world. Perhaps they were just born on the wrong side of arbitrary privilege. The Collective embodies its mission of overlapping artistic communities by booking artists from diverse scenes, while still operating from its original base of hip-hop. This allows the followers of those artists to commune with the artist and fans of different genres and networks.”

Gui Jean-Paul Chevalier
South Seattle Emerald